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Our Story

IR Scientific is an oral care company creating unique inorganic polymers that allow us to control a number of important variables. We encourage the body to heal itself while reducing the impact on your body or the planet.

IR was born of a passion for better-than-traditional patient treatments and improving lives. We are focused on the development of cosmetic and preventive oral health products and commercialize ion release materials for specific roles in consumer and professional oral health and cosmetics.

Give us a challenge. We’ll find a solution.

  • Heather Doucette, RDH

    Clinical Research and Outreach

    Heather is an Assistant Professor in the School of Dental Hygiene, Faculty of Dentistry, Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia. She is an experienced practitioner and educator with more than 24years of clinical dental hygiene experience and 12 years of teaching dental hygiene and dentistry students. She is a member of the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association and the Nova Scotia College of Dental Hygienists. Heather has served as a content knowledge expert for the College of Dental Hygienists of Alberta. She is an experienced lead investigator on funded research projects. She has published papers and has presented research findings at national and international conferences and formerly worked in clinical practice outreach and education for P&G’s Oral-B brand.

  • Andrew Doyle

    CEO & President

    Experienced start-up entrepreneur, business leader and strategist with an extensive CPG, B2C and B2B business development and growth background. As President and Partner at Extreme Group, one of Canada’s Top 10 marketing agencies, Andrew has worked on global brands for Coca-Cola, P&G, Unilever, Diageo, Molson/Coors and others.

  • Dr. Daniel Boyd

    Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

    Globally recognized inventor of several inorganic polymer technologies in various life science sectors including orthopaedics, dentistry, and oncology. Dr. Boyd has gained global intellectual property protection for several hundred compositions of inorganic polymers. Daniel has extensive experience in medical devices and biomaterials; centred on bone regeneration and growth, oncology, pharmaceutical delivery and oral health. He is a co-founder of a number of companies including ABK Biomedical and Covina BioMedical. He currently serves as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dr. Boyd has published over 160 peer-reviewed contributions (over 80 papers and over 80 conference proceedings) and has been invited to provide scientific contributions to several learned societies including the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is on the editorial board of two international biomaterials journals and is a member of the American Ceramics Society.

  • Ali Riaz


    A proven leader and mentor with M&A transactions of more than $2.5b and a $1.3 billion dollar exit. President of FAST from 2000-2006 before selling the company to Microsoft. As Founder & CEO of Attivio Inc, Ali has raised more than $100 million dollars to fuel growth and execute strategy.

  • Peter Hickey

    Executive Director

    17+ years’ experience leading technology companies with a global focus. CEO of 3D Bolus Inc. Co-Founder of Oris4, former CEO of Coemergence, Director of a Hong Kong based financial services firm. Clients have included global, publicly traded firms, government organizations, and privately held companies.

Our Advisors

  • Peter Saladin

    Head of Environmental Sustainability (Diagnostics)

    Prior to moving into sustainability Peter was Global Head of Diagnostics Licensing with Roche. Peter bring a valuable set of skills and experience to IR Scientific, especially in the structure and terms on global technology licensing and intellectual property acquisition. Peter’s career with Roche has spanned more than 20 years working in areas such as finance, operations and as CFO of Roche Operations in California, Norway, Peru and Colombia. “I am excited to work with such a motivated and innovative group of people at IR Scientific. We are truly involved in the development of products that will improve the quality of life of millions of people.”

  • Ian Talmage

    Senior Advisor
    Global Strategic Marketing
    Bayer Pharma

    Ian brings more than 40 years of marketing and business experience to IR Scientific as an Advisor to our company. His career has seen him head up global marketing at companies like Astra Hassle (prior to the merger of Astra with Zeneca) and Novartis before moving to Bayer. His depth of knowledge of product commercialization and marketing will be invaluable to IR Scientific. “I am inspired by the IR Scientific team and our determination to address challenges head on. This is an opportunity where I can contribute to important work in the area of oral health and beyond.”

  • Dr. Andrew Kurban

    Andrew has been a practicing dentist since 1983. Since then he has spent many years teaching and mentoring at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the Boston University School of Dental Medicine. Andrew’s years of experience as a practicing dentist and teacher offer IR Scientific unique insight into the needs and expectations of clinicians as well as their patients.

Our Science

Our uniquely engineered biomaterials are suited to a variety of applications in oral health. The inorganic polymers we create encourage the body’s own healing processes. Once they fulfil their function each of our biomaterials degrade fully in water.

  • Controllable and variable size

  • Water soluble over controlled timeframes

  • Minimal biological or environmental impacts

  • Zero residual material – we deposit what the body needs and disappear

  • Abrasion control via variable output shapes – irregular and abrasive to smooth spheres

  • Easy to manufacture and scale-up production

  • Established processes for regulatory approvals in global jurisdictions

Introducing Sensi-IP

A case study in problem solving

Creating a Revolution in Oral Care

Our first product is Sensi-IP. Sensi-IP is designed to be added to consumer and professional oral care applications such as pastes (OTC and prescription), varnishes, oral rinses, mouthwashes or other novel products.

Today’s sensitivity treatments

IR Scientific worked with dental professionals to create a list of shortcomings with today’s sensitivity treatments:

  • Too abrasive
  • Limited occlusion
  • Limited remineralization capacity
  • Limited long-term effectiveness
  • Billions have been spent trying to make old solutions work
  • Billions have been spent trying to out-market the market leader

Sensitivity toothpaste marketing has outpaced innovation, leaving significant opportunity for technological advancement.

Tooth sensitivity solved

Sensi-IP has solved the problems with today’s best sensitivity treatments, and is engineered to address clinical and consumer issues related to tooth sensitivity:

  • Low abrasion suitable for every day use
  • Perfect particle size for full tubule occlusion
  • Non-staining
  • Sustained fluoride release up to 24 hours
  • Precipitates acid-resistant fluorapatite
  • Degrades completely

Sensi-IP is the answer to tooth sensitivity.

More On Sensi-IP

  • Environmentally sound – completely degrades in water; much lower energy required for production (versus competitive inorganic polymers)
  • Raw materials abundant and readily available
  • Costs of goods are comparable or better than current competitive toothpaste ingredients
  • Easily scalable production
  • Can manufacture anywhere in the world

Our Vision

Find a Better Way.

IR Scientific is focused on the development of cosmetic and preventive oral health products. We make the world better by creating unique compositions of matter to help the body heal itself, feel better and look better while doing as little damage to the planet as possible.



Our oral care products solve problems in health and healing, pharmaceutical efficacy and delivery, along with other oral health and cosmetic applications. We do everything with processes and materials that strive to be as good for the planet as they are for our customers and patients.